World Spine Mountain

To the east of the continent lies the ancient and impossibly high World Spine Mountains. This snow capped mountain range officially extends from the Zakhara in the far south, up into the far north, before branching into Norsca. They separate the wild Dark Lands in the east from the civilized lands in the west.

The World Spine Mountains are a barren wilderness. The Dwarf Strongholds are the only enclaves of civilization in the region. Goblinoids also have many crude settlements in the mountains.

Karaz-a-Karak means Pinnacle of the Mountains and is also known to men as The Everpeak. This Dwarven Hold is the largest and most powerful, and is also their capital city.It is also known as Mithril Hall. Its lord is the High Thane. Currently ruled over by High Thane Thorgrim Bronzebeard. The temples of the forge father Moradin are here.

Karak Ungor know known as Red Eye Mountain, sits in the north, overlooking western Mordheim.

Karak Kadrin has a reputation as being home to fierce Dwarf clans. Known commonly as Slayer Keep. Interestingly, its Thane is bound by two incompatible Oaths. That of A King to his People, and that of his family’s hereditary Slayer Oath, neither of which he can successfully fulfill without failing in the other.

Dwarf Major Families (Holds):
  • Bronzebeard
  • Grimsteel
  • Stonefist
  • Darkhammer
  • Winterwind

World Spine Mountain

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