Chronicles of the Dawnblade

To the Oracle


The Oracle of Mystryl is located near the village rivenwood, northeast of Silvershore. A good 3 days travelling with horses. As they get closer to Rivenwood they will see more and more Pilgrims. One of the groups has been attacked by orcs just a day ago .

The Oracle of Mystryl lays in the middle of a vast plain surrounded by the rolling hills. The Shrine itself is a large blue dome, the only opening in the dome are a set of gigantic doors, decorated with runes and a white marble mask. Massive stairs carved out of stone lead toward these doors. Along the path leading to the stairs are many stands and tents of soothsayers, fortune tellers, and merchants selling trinkets,charms and magical potions.

The Knights of Mystic Fire, a knightly order of spellswords, oversee the grounds surrounding the oracle, to maintain order and to see that none are prevented from seeing the oracle.

Surrounding the dome a thousands of tents, from people that have come from every corner of the world to consult the oracle waiting for the oracle to call them, some have been here for years.


The character want to know more about the Prophecy and about the marks.


Once they arrive and want to set-up their tents, they receive a telepathic message “Lord/Lady … I await for you”

The gates will open for the characters when they approach.

The inside of the doom is hallway that leads to a large open room, the doom is decorated with moons, stairs, and arcane symbols. A terraces provides an overview, in the middle of the room is a blue light The light speaks.

I have been waiting for you for many years … but it is my destiny …to wait, forever waiting, chained to the heart of the future, all-knowing but not able to act. Forever tormented.

I have seen your future and it intrigues me, few creatures have such a destiny … but I it too dangerous to reveal your this destiny to you.

Approach … you are in the most sacred of my being, you are submerged in the blue radiance of songs of destiny, here dies the hope of mankind, but it can also fill their heart with hope and joy.

A white flash follows and the oracle takes the shape of a woman with a blindfold and chained with heavy chains.

Ask you questions and they shall be answered !

This is the mark of Mystryl, she has merged a small part of her divine essence with your soul.

Mystryl has been defeated, and is too weak to handle herself, that is why she has merged part of herself with you. This is also the reason why you are receiving flashes of the future.

Centuries ago, after the fall of the Grey Elven empire, elf, dwarf and men have made a pack to end the beast wars. They would forge 3 mighty swords, the Dawnblades. Now the last of these blades has been lost and darkness returns to the lands.

These Dawnblades were powerful artifacts and with them dawned a new age of peace and prosperity for Elf, Dwarf and Men. Now in the darkest time of mankind you have to create a new dawnblade and return the light and unite the people of Eldara.

A Dawnblade is made from a star shard that is forged into a blade, a secret trusted to the dwarfs. You must seek out the forgemasters … Mystryl will guide you
go now time is of the essence our enemies grow stronger every day.


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