Chronicles of the Dawnblade

Road to Altdorf

The characters forged the black blade after unlocking the spirit of the old forge father. They also lean that in total 3 blades were crafted by Thoradin, one of these blades was given to Uther of Arathor and another to Aurora Brightsong.

They solved the border conflict by exposing the plot of Malfurion, and Commander Lothar requests if the characters can deliver an urgent message to High Marshall Helborg.

That night, the characters have another vision. they see a muscular man, a dwarf and an elf maiden, running through the jungle as the near the top of a hill they see an ancient temple partially overgrown by plants. The man opens his bag to look at what appears a black blade…

The vision shifts…they see the same man, now years older ahead of an army parade that is entering a city and welcomed by its cities with flowers and celebration. At his side hangs a potent sword, the hilt is pure white and shimmers with energy…

The vision shifts again… a midst green rolling hills they see a ruined city, overgrown and deserted. The sky darkens, clouds gather, storm thunder rain … Lightning strikes the ground and they wake up.

The characters must travel to Altdorf the captial of Mordheim, and delivery the message to the Marshal Helborg. They also want to find out more about the history of Uther of Arathor, and learn about his travels. In Altdorf is also the Royal University and Academy and the Reich Archive, where they hope to find information about the next step.

encounter 1 On the road to Altdorf they regularly see dwarven refugees pulling carts travelling east. If they ask them about their situation, they tell that they no longer feel save and are travelling back to the dwarven lands.

encounter 2 In a small town, they see a preacher of pelor, preaching the purity of the light, and how the humans are the chosen of pelor, dwarfs are greedy and jealous, elves are treacherous and arrogant. In the same town the stores and shops of dwarves and been vandalised…

encounter 3 Nearing the capital they rest at the roaming fox for the night when 4 knights from the order of light (pelor) enter the inn, and after some time start to molest the half elven barmaid …

Knock out

When they arrive in Altdorf it is a large city extending both over land and into the sky for hundred of meters. Large towers are connected by bridges and walkways … the city is divided by the river Sollus and counts several districts (docks, trade district, temple district, scholar district, military district, royal district.

In the city they see posters with propaganda against dwarfs & elves, the lower parts of the city are the slums. On the marketplace… executions and public trials are taking place, several half elves and dwarfs are being executed by priests of pelor.

The lands around the city are covered by dark clouds … and its raining all the time…

The Royal guard is stationed in the royal district……At the barracks of the Royal Guard they will notice that there is almost no security and only several guards are stationed in the square while they are talking to each other, if they ask for their commander they will point at one of the towers… they can freely enter it

The commander is seated staring at something in his hand, but he will raise up if the sees the characters … around him servants are taking down the banners … “YES! what do you want”

HE will read the letter …. “my Captain Marius speaks highly of you. You must excuse me, it has been an aweful day… The Grand Theogonist Thyrus has disbanded the royal guard…”

The King “Sigesmund Hagendorn” has grown old… these days he listens more to his advisors than to his faitfull servants. His daughter is only 12 and not yet old enough to sit on the throne….

You want access to the archive? that will be hard, there is purge/witch hunt going on, the church of pelor suspects that demonologists are being active in the academy…


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