Chronicles of the Dawnblade

Bulwark of Thoradin

The Characters have solved the conflict by exposing the changeling posing as Duke Hertwig. They discovered that the changeling is linked to the secret order (Crimson) and works for Malfurion.

The characters need to get to the Hall of Ancestors and recover the Bulwark of Thoradin and discover the secret of forging.

Mithral Hall was once the capital city of the Dwarven Empire, the volcanic labyrinth now serves as the seat of power for High Thane Bronzebeard. A large part of the city has been captured by the Goblin hordes. The High Thane and his followers have retreated to the last ring of defence. The Tomb of Thoradin is located in the Halls of Ancestors. This part of the city has been captured.

On the way to the mystic ward they sneak via maintenance tunnels, when suddenly Torin smells goblins, a patrol of goblins is scouting the tunnels. One of the spider riders will retreat to alert the rest. They must stop him. If they succeed they are able to sneak to the mystic ward, which seems oddly deserted …

The Hall of Mysteries is located in the Mystic Ward, from here you can access the Hall of Ancestors, a massive natural cavern complex. Located in the lower depths of the city. The area is a true marvel of organic stone formation. No dwarf has touched this area with pick or chisels. Mithril Hall’s heroes are buried in the Hall of Ancestors, and the old throne is here as well.

The Bulwark of Thoradin Anvilmar: RUNES

In the heart of the mountain
Six pure of heart went
Where ancient evil lingers
A legacy from former masters
To forge sparks of Moradin
On the ancient black anvil
Here, Three shining blades
Protectors of light
Forged by Strength,
Sacrifice and sanguine
only Three returned
ancient evil sealed
by the seat of power

The throne of the thane is a stone outcroping in the shape of a throne decoated with gold and mithril. If they melt the gold/mithril they will see a darkstone behind it and on it the same runes.

Heed this warning
Behind this seal
lies a passage to
darkest regions
where ancient evil
dwells and corrupts that
which is pure
Do not break this seal

In the middle of the throne is a special keyhole. To unlock it they need a special crystal key.

At that point … they hear: Looking for this? … Malfurion stands behind them, surrounded by a few cloaked figures and a group of hobgoblins and goblins.

I have to applaud your efforts, too bad it was all in vain. The king is dead and my army has captured the city and once I have the crown of titans, I will destroy the rest of this wretched race. Now lay down your weapons and I might even consider to let you live.

Malfurion will stop time, walk past them with a few of his minions … seconds later they are engaged in combat.

Behind the throne is a tunnel that ends in a huge underground cavern – at various points in the ceiling lava falls in streams to a huge lava lake below. It is very hot here and a red glow of the lava illuminates the cave. A walkway with chains leads to the opposite side… the chains run into the mouths of two gargoylike creatures. On the opposite side is heavy door that leads to room with stairs going down. The widows overlook the lava lake. Finally two set of heavy doors give entrance to the underground volcanic labyrinth.


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