Chronicles of the Dawnblade

Forging of the blade

The characters must stop Malfurion, find the star shard and forge the blade.

Cavern tunnels lead to the Detention block The bridge has collapsed into the lava and there is no passage way here. Other tunnels lead to the Mining operations

Detention Block
Here the dwarven works/miners/slaves were kept. It also has guard rooms, torture rooms, living quarters. Cages with skeletons hang from the ceiling.

Mining Operations
Several levels, and tunnels, material lays scattered, wagons, picks. The tracks on which the wagons are connected run to a certain cavern opening where these wagons are emptied into containers, these containers run over the lava to the foundry.

Here the containers with molten iron were cast into molds. Tools and molds lay scattered about. A walkway leads to the Hall of Crafting and the manufactorium

Hall of Crafting
Here the different metal plates and parts are crafted. Work tables and material lies scattered

Chains hang from the ceiling, with semi finished golems, here the parts were assembled into golems. A roster covers part of the room – beneath is hot lava runs.
Beyond the manufactorium is the Iron Hall

Iron Hall
A large hall, here the finished golems are stored. Chains from the ceiling are used to place the golems on circle – this circle teleports them to the Chamber of enchantment

Chamber of Enchanting
A room with golems. Only one has been enchanted. One of the golems turns its head and speaks: one of us does not belong with the others, it says if you pick out the interloper we will allow you to passage. If you pick the wrong one we will kill you. You have 1 minute and 1 guess.


Here the sun elven helpers enchanted the golems. The golems are fueled by a fiery core. Complex runes are also created.

3 Red Circles are set in the black wall – only the middle circle is a teleportation circle, the other will act as a disintegration spell.

They are teleported to the living quarters of the sun elves – which is considerable nicer than the other so far – small city with living quarters, bars, etc ….

In the middle of the city is a chasm beneath it a lava sea – the bridge leads to the grey elven part of the city. Which looks considerable nicer. A cloaked figure guard (undead).

Where does your journey goes? (x options = x rituals) each option is a tube /elevator
The elevator entrance is protected by a symbol – if you don’t speak the password it will be trigger.

This thing all things devours:
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountain down.

Answer: Time

Each morning I appear
To lie at your feet,
All day I will follow
No matter how fast you run,
Yet I nearly perish
In the midday sun.

Answer: Shadow

//////In the meantime – Malferion is after the crown that will allow him to control the army of golems – and use it against the dwarfs/humans/elfs\\\\\

The tube takes the characters one by one.

They come in a hallway alone – ends in a large open room. If they enter they will have to fight a clone of themselves.

*Endless Corridor *
As the characters move down it the perspective will distort and change pulling the far end away from them into infinity. Skeletons and other debris can be seen regular.the trap is a powerful spell wrapped around a optical illusion, intended to keep them trapped. can not disbelieve, their eyes tells them that the corridor has no end, which is enough to trigger the spell.
Solution to close eyes.

Pit of Dust
Floor littered with skeletons and rusty equipment. Holes in wall both north and south side. press plate activated door slide closed. holes on south begin to suck air, north side pour dust into room. vacuum effect —> dust to shoot out like a hose. few minutes till room is filled with dust. Solution block the holes that suck out the air. dust will slow to a trickle. wait half hour and the doors open.

Razor gauntlet
narrow corridor with spikes on both walls – once inside darkness is activated and walls start to move, they will need to dance/dodge between the spikes.

Chain Room
There’s a large room about 20′×20′ with two doors opposite each other. The
ceiling to this room rises high into darkness and hanging out of the darkness to
the floor are three ropes. As soon as the last PC enters the room, the door
slams shut and magically locks behind them. Both door are very difficult to
force, or pick open as there are no visible key holes.

The object here is to get the PCs to try to climb the ropes. Once a force
greater than fifty pounds is applied, the rope pops free from the ceiling,
dropping the contents of a small secret compartment to the floor below. One
drops a delayed blast fireball, another a stinking cloud, and the third releases
the key to get out of here. Placing the key near the door will allow it’s magic
to show the key hole that earlier was non-existent.

Throne Room
A room with large radar work – and a throne around it is an army of golems.
The last guardian sits on top of the throne. A few bodies are scattered about, when malfurion kills the guardian and takes his crown. THe golems activate and start attacking.
He will attempt to stop the characters by a wall of fire and retreating into the room behind.

wrapping up
The Characters have defeated Malfurion. When they destroy the crown, from the smoke of the molten crown a spirit of a dwarf takes a shape.

“Greetings heroes, my name is Thorkan Doomhammer – My soul has been trapped for eons” “To who do I have to thank for my freedom?” “What is that you seek in this forsaken places?” “Ah forging of the dawnblade” “A Great Artificat indeed” “I used to be the forgemaster at the manufactorium, I will help you reforge the star shards” “Here take my hammer” “Now I can finally rest” “may moradin be with you heroes”

The one taking the hammer will gain the skills: Weaponsmith 6, Armorsmith 6, Blacksmith 6 and Knowledge(ore). Thorkan’s Hammer grants a free raise on any craft checks.

The blade will be oily black … like obsidian when finished.

When the human return to Mithral Hall, the Goblin horde has been pushed back and the city is back in the hands of the dwarfs. They will be carried on shields together with the Prince Araman Bronzebeard to the kings hall. Where festivities are taking place.

With the recovery of the halls of mystery the kings sages will assist the characters to further decrypt the story of moradin. With some rolls they discover that Moradin travelled to the icy regions of the north, to the depths of the sea of fallen stars and to the scalding desert in the south. His faithful companions, an elven mage, Aurora Dawnsong and a human paladin, Uther.


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