Chronicles of the Dawnblade

Fires of the Zealot

Going into the scholar district, they see that the royal academy of magic has been sealed, many of the official buildings are closed and guarded by the Order of Light. On the townsquares, witches placed on a pire and set on fire, books of corrupting magic are burned.

The book of uther is considered a holy book that is over 2000 years old. It was written on his command when he was on his deathbed. It is said to be held in the Royal Library archive. You can access the Royal access with a written approval from the King.

Traditionally the king keeps council every third day of the crown, during this time all commoners are allowed to plead their case before the king.

They need to access the archive, this can be accomplished with careful planning and stealth or with an approval of the King or his advisor’s.

Alternatively they can do some research, there are many books written about and around the book of Uther.

SUCCESS One particular book is from a scholar (Gaius) who stated that the blade of uther was crafted with blood magic, a very powerful but corrupting magic that was used by the creator races. He is currently being held in prison and awaiting execution. They can try to rescue him to find out more.

If they rescue Gaius, he will be thankful, and he will explain that the book of uther refers to ancient elven writings, he believes these date back to the grey elves, a master race. after the fall of their empire the races of men, dwarf and elf fell into barbarism. Uther and his friends thoradin and aurora stumbled upon ancient books of these races and used them to create 3 magical blades, these blades were very potent but cursed. He will explain some of the stuff of the book of uther (see below).

In the diary of Uther:

Chapter 1
Uther travels with other tribesmen to the south, were they will meet with dwarfs and elves. Uther is the strongest warrior and leader of his tribe, the arathi, fierce warriors.

At the warcouncil he meets with Thoradin and Aurora. Thoradin has a plan on how they can end the beast wars. He has found an old manuscript of his forebeares that talks about ancient powerful magical blades, that were crafted by the grey elves.

The metal for these blades came from the stars, the strongest and sharpest metal.
To channel the magic the hilt was crafted from the horn of an ancient beast, the magamoth. the grey elves hunted on these beasts for sports, they used to live in the jungles of Nordrasil in the North. Two magical stones were set in the blade, these stones represented night and day, life and death, darkness and light, good and evil and finally ancient runes of magic were cast in the body of the sword. Aurora suggest that 3 blades would be created one for each of leaders of the alliance. Uther agreed, and that day three large armies united.

Chapter 2
Thoradin, Uther and Aurora descent into the manufactorium to learn the secrets of the forge and forge the weapons. Thoradins brother, Uther’s childhood friend and Aurora’s sister die during their quest.

Chapter 3
They travel north into the barren icelands, to look for the jungles of Nordrasil. According to the ancient elven tales, the jungles of Nordrasil were a dangerous place with colossal monsters, and the Yaun-ti a reptilian race, that were powerful magic users. It was tradition that each young child would spend a 4th night in the jungles as their trial of passage.

It was at the heart of the frozen hell of frostfel were the sun would not shine and the snow turned black, that they would finally discover the jungles of Nordrasil, an ancient place hidden under the icecaps, here nature was still ancient, powerful and un-evolved.

the magamoths are powerful creatures, their horns were extremely powerful. The Yuan-ti used the grinded powered horns to empower their magic.

They must travel north to norsca in the northern parts of norsca to the evernight mountains.


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