Chronicles of the Dawnblade

Escape from Avelorn

Escape from Avelorn

The characters just escaped from Avelorn were they are framed for the assassination of Aravae and they need to get to Rivenshire in Thilea to visit the Oracle of Mystryl.

They sail with their ship ’The Nightwind into open sea. Later that night a (magical)storm sets up, lightning strikes the ship, breaking the mast and wrecking the ship. The next morning they will drift into a small bay of a small rocky island, Port Azure, a haven of scum and villainy.

There is no real authority in Port Azure, apart from the Pirate Code, and it is enforced by Cap’n Drake Hidalgo, of the Maelstrom. There is a Tavern and Brothel on the island, The Dirty Vixen and The Hairy Monkey.


If they are able to escape from Port Azure, they can set sail for Silvershore, a former dwarven tradepost, now mostly populated by humans. In Silvershore they will be able to get horses to travel to the Rivenwood. In Silvershore they hear from Dwarven merchants that the roads are dangerous, Orc tribes regulary raid the lands.


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