Chronicles of the Dawnblade

Border Conflict

The eastern province of Mordheim, Eastmark.

Conflict between human and dwarfs: In the recent months Goblins have constantly raided the Dwarven holds. The Dwarfs have requested assistance from the human population, but these refused. The lands the humans lived on was owned by the dwarfs, and they leased it to the humans after their constant expansion to solve the previous conflicts. The last years the harvest has been very poor, but the dwarfs insisted on their lease… leading to hunger and in some cases starvation. The humans have a grudge against the dwarfs and now they want their help they refuse.

In response the dwarfs evacuated the humans from their lands, which result in a number of border skirmished. The dwarven than has send his youngest son (Araman Bronzebeard) to negotiate a treaty, backed up with a small dwarven army.

Mordheim has responded in kind and Elector Count Wolfram Hertwig raised its armies which are marching toward the dwarven border. Count of Eastmark is leading the human army.

The goblin assaults continue… putting pressure on the dwarfs. If the dwarven cities would be overrun, it is only a matter of time before the goblinoid horde will take to the land.


Day 1

As the characters get closer to Everpeak and Mithril Hall, they will see groups of human refugees moving south.

Before they reach Irondale downs an old dwarven village now a collection of hamlets populated by farmers they see people being evacuated from their house and land by dwarven militia.

Stone Guard (Lt) Orrin is the leader of the dwarven regiment. There is a small skirmish, the characters can try to interfere.

The dwarven army is stationed a few miles into the hills, they have setup a small fortification there. The leader of the army is Prince Thorin Bronzebeard. Youngest son of the High Thane Ragnor Bronzebeard.

Day 2

Count Wolfram Hertwig arrives with an army, they set up camp a few miles east of Irondale. The fields west of Irondale will be the battlefield.

Day 3

Count Hertwig and Prince Bronzebeard engage in diplomatic discussion, Hertwig demands the dwarfs to surrender the lands, and immediate retreat if not it will be considered an act of war and Mordheim will react in kind. Bronzebeard attempts to negotiate … but feels Hertwigs demands impossible and his honor demands to refuse. Hertwig will refuse to assist the dwarfs … in driving back the goblin horde.

Day 4

Assasination attempt on Bronzebeard, first clue of third party involvement. Assassin has special mark. If they investigate the tent of Hertwig they discover his body, they will need to alert his second in command (Commander Lothar) and try to convince them…

The high thane will give them an audience if they proved honorable to thorin or saved his life. He will tell them that part of his hold has been overrun, this includes, the hall of ancestors, where the sarcophagus of Arman Bronzebeard is located, the first to forge the starblade.

They will need to enter the dwarven hold and fight the goblin horde and get down to the ancestors hall, to recover the secret – the story of forging the blade…


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