Chronicles of the Dawnblade

Fury of the Frost Maiden

Fires of the Zealot

Going into the scholar district, they see that the royal academy of magic has been sealed, many of the official buildings are closed and guarded by the Order of Light. On the townsquares, witches placed on a pire and set on fire, books of corrupting magic are burned.

The book of uther is considered a holy book that is over 2000 years old. It was written on his command when he was on his deathbed. It is said to be held in the Royal Library archive. You can access the Royal access with a written approval from the King.

Traditionally the king keeps council every third day of the crown, during this time all commoners are allowed to plead their case before the king.

They need to access the archive, this can be accomplished with careful planning and stealth or with an approval of the King or his advisor’s.

Alternatively they can do some research, there are many books written about and around the book of Uther.

SUCCESS One particular book is from a scholar (Gaius) who stated that the blade of uther was crafted with blood magic, a very powerful but corrupting magic that was used by the creator races. He is currently being held in prison and awaiting execution. They can try to rescue him to find out more.

If they rescue Gaius, he will be thankful, and he will explain that the book of uther refers to ancient elven writings, he believes these date back to the grey elves, a master race. after the fall of their empire the races of men, dwarf and elf fell into barbarism. Uther and his friends thoradin and aurora stumbled upon ancient books of these races and used them to create 3 magical blades, these blades were very potent but cursed. He will explain some of the stuff of the book of uther (see below).

In the diary of Uther:

Chapter 1
Uther travels with other tribesmen to the south, were they will meet with dwarfs and elves. Uther is the strongest warrior and leader of his tribe, the arathi, fierce warriors.

At the warcouncil he meets with Thoradin and Aurora. Thoradin has a plan on how they can end the beast wars. He has found an old manuscript of his forebeares that talks about ancient powerful magical blades, that were crafted by the grey elves.

The metal for these blades came from the stars, the strongest and sharpest metal.
To channel the magic the hilt was crafted from the horn of an ancient beast, the magamoth. the grey elves hunted on these beasts for sports, they used to live in the jungles of Nordrasil in the North. Two magical stones were set in the blade, these stones represented night and day, life and death, darkness and light, good and evil and finally ancient runes of magic were cast in the body of the sword. Aurora suggest that 3 blades would be created one for each of leaders of the alliance. Uther agreed, and that day three large armies united.

Chapter 2
Thoradin, Uther and Aurora descent into the manufactorium to learn the secrets of the forge and forge the weapons. Thoradins brother, Uther’s childhood friend and Aurora’s sister die during their quest.

Chapter 3
They travel north into the barren icelands, to look for the jungles of Nordrasil. According to the ancient elven tales, the jungles of Nordrasil were a dangerous place with colossal monsters, and the Yaun-ti a reptilian race, that were powerful magic users. It was tradition that each young child would spend a 4th night in the jungles as their trial of passage.

It was at the heart of the frozen hell of frostfel were the sun would not shine and the snow turned black, that they would finally discover the jungles of Nordrasil, an ancient place hidden under the icecaps, here nature was still ancient, powerful and un-evolved.

the magamoths are powerful creatures, their horns were extremely powerful. The Yuan-ti used the grinded powered horns to empower their magic.

They must travel north to norsca in the northern parts of norsca to the evernight mountains.

Road to Altdorf

The characters forged the black blade after unlocking the spirit of the old forge father. They also lean that in total 3 blades were crafted by Thoradin, one of these blades was given to Uther of Arathor and another to Aurora Brightsong.

They solved the border conflict by exposing the plot of Malfurion, and Commander Lothar requests if the characters can deliver an urgent message to High Marshall Helborg.

That night, the characters have another vision. they see a muscular man, a dwarf and an elf maiden, running through the jungle as the near the top of a hill they see an ancient temple partially overgrown by plants. The man opens his bag to look at what appears a black blade…

The vision shifts…they see the same man, now years older ahead of an army parade that is entering a city and welcomed by its cities with flowers and celebration. At his side hangs a potent sword, the hilt is pure white and shimmers with energy…

The vision shifts again… a midst green rolling hills they see a ruined city, overgrown and deserted. The sky darkens, clouds gather, storm thunder rain … Lightning strikes the ground and they wake up.

The characters must travel to Altdorf the captial of Mordheim, and delivery the message to the Marshal Helborg. They also want to find out more about the history of Uther of Arathor, and learn about his travels. In Altdorf is also the Royal University and Academy and the Reich Archive, where they hope to find information about the next step.

encounter 1 On the road to Altdorf they regularly see dwarven refugees pulling carts travelling east. If they ask them about their situation, they tell that they no longer feel save and are travelling back to the dwarven lands.

encounter 2 In a small town, they see a preacher of pelor, preaching the purity of the light, and how the humans are the chosen of pelor, dwarfs are greedy and jealous, elves are treacherous and arrogant. In the same town the stores and shops of dwarves and been vandalised…

encounter 3 Nearing the capital they rest at the roaming fox for the night when 4 knights from the order of light (pelor) enter the inn, and after some time start to molest the half elven barmaid …

Knock out

When they arrive in Altdorf it is a large city extending both over land and into the sky for hundred of meters. Large towers are connected by bridges and walkways … the city is divided by the river Sollus and counts several districts (docks, trade district, temple district, scholar district, military district, royal district.

In the city they see posters with propaganda against dwarfs & elves, the lower parts of the city are the slums. On the marketplace… executions and public trials are taking place, several half elves and dwarfs are being executed by priests of pelor.

The lands around the city are covered by dark clouds … and its raining all the time…

The Royal guard is stationed in the royal district……At the barracks of the Royal Guard they will notice that there is almost no security and only several guards are stationed in the square while they are talking to each other, if they ask for their commander they will point at one of the towers… they can freely enter it

The commander is seated staring at something in his hand, but he will raise up if the sees the characters … around him servants are taking down the banners … “YES! what do you want”

HE will read the letter …. “my Captain Marius speaks highly of you. You must excuse me, it has been an aweful day… The Grand Theogonist Thyrus has disbanded the royal guard…”

The King “Sigesmund Hagendorn” has grown old… these days he listens more to his advisors than to his faitfull servants. His daughter is only 12 and not yet old enough to sit on the throne….

You want access to the archive? that will be hard, there is purge/witch hunt going on, the church of pelor suspects that demonologists are being active in the academy…

Forging of the blade

The characters must stop Malfurion, find the star shard and forge the blade.

Cavern tunnels lead to the Detention block The bridge has collapsed into the lava and there is no passage way here. Other tunnels lead to the Mining operations

Detention Block
Here the dwarven works/miners/slaves were kept. It also has guard rooms, torture rooms, living quarters. Cages with skeletons hang from the ceiling.

Mining Operations
Several levels, and tunnels, material lays scattered, wagons, picks. The tracks on which the wagons are connected run to a certain cavern opening where these wagons are emptied into containers, these containers run over the lava to the foundry.

Here the containers with molten iron were cast into molds. Tools and molds lay scattered about. A walkway leads to the Hall of Crafting and the manufactorium

Hall of Crafting
Here the different metal plates and parts are crafted. Work tables and material lies scattered

Chains hang from the ceiling, with semi finished golems, here the parts were assembled into golems. A roster covers part of the room – beneath is hot lava runs.
Beyond the manufactorium is the Iron Hall

Iron Hall
A large hall, here the finished golems are stored. Chains from the ceiling are used to place the golems on circle – this circle teleports them to the Chamber of enchantment

Chamber of Enchanting
A room with golems. Only one has been enchanted. One of the golems turns its head and speaks: one of us does not belong with the others, it says if you pick out the interloper we will allow you to passage. If you pick the wrong one we will kill you. You have 1 minute and 1 guess.


Here the sun elven helpers enchanted the golems. The golems are fueled by a fiery core. Complex runes are also created.

3 Red Circles are set in the black wall – only the middle circle is a teleportation circle, the other will act as a disintegration spell.

They are teleported to the living quarters of the sun elves – which is considerable nicer than the other so far – small city with living quarters, bars, etc ….

In the middle of the city is a chasm beneath it a lava sea – the bridge leads to the grey elven part of the city. Which looks considerable nicer. A cloaked figure guard (undead).

Where does your journey goes? (x options = x rituals) each option is a tube /elevator
The elevator entrance is protected by a symbol – if you don’t speak the password it will be trigger.

This thing all things devours:
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountain down.

Answer: Time

Each morning I appear
To lie at your feet,
All day I will follow
No matter how fast you run,
Yet I nearly perish
In the midday sun.

Answer: Shadow

//////In the meantime – Malferion is after the crown that will allow him to control the army of golems – and use it against the dwarfs/humans/elfs\\\\\

The tube takes the characters one by one.

They come in a hallway alone – ends in a large open room. If they enter they will have to fight a clone of themselves.

*Endless Corridor *
As the characters move down it the perspective will distort and change pulling the far end away from them into infinity. Skeletons and other debris can be seen regular.the trap is a powerful spell wrapped around a optical illusion, intended to keep them trapped. can not disbelieve, their eyes tells them that the corridor has no end, which is enough to trigger the spell.
Solution to close eyes.

Pit of Dust
Floor littered with skeletons and rusty equipment. Holes in wall both north and south side. press plate activated door slide closed. holes on south begin to suck air, north side pour dust into room. vacuum effect —> dust to shoot out like a hose. few minutes till room is filled with dust. Solution block the holes that suck out the air. dust will slow to a trickle. wait half hour and the doors open.

Razor gauntlet
narrow corridor with spikes on both walls – once inside darkness is activated and walls start to move, they will need to dance/dodge between the spikes.

Chain Room
There’s a large room about 20′×20′ with two doors opposite each other. The
ceiling to this room rises high into darkness and hanging out of the darkness to
the floor are three ropes. As soon as the last PC enters the room, the door
slams shut and magically locks behind them. Both door are very difficult to
force, or pick open as there are no visible key holes.

The object here is to get the PCs to try to climb the ropes. Once a force
greater than fifty pounds is applied, the rope pops free from the ceiling,
dropping the contents of a small secret compartment to the floor below. One
drops a delayed blast fireball, another a stinking cloud, and the third releases
the key to get out of here. Placing the key near the door will allow it’s magic
to show the key hole that earlier was non-existent.

Throne Room
A room with large radar work – and a throne around it is an army of golems.
The last guardian sits on top of the throne. A few bodies are scattered about, when malfurion kills the guardian and takes his crown. THe golems activate and start attacking.
He will attempt to stop the characters by a wall of fire and retreating into the room behind.

wrapping up
The Characters have defeated Malfurion. When they destroy the crown, from the smoke of the molten crown a spirit of a dwarf takes a shape.

“Greetings heroes, my name is Thorkan Doomhammer – My soul has been trapped for eons” “To who do I have to thank for my freedom?” “What is that you seek in this forsaken places?” “Ah forging of the dawnblade” “A Great Artificat indeed” “I used to be the forgemaster at the manufactorium, I will help you reforge the star shards” “Here take my hammer” “Now I can finally rest” “may moradin be with you heroes”

The one taking the hammer will gain the skills: Weaponsmith 6, Armorsmith 6, Blacksmith 6 and Knowledge(ore). Thorkan’s Hammer grants a free raise on any craft checks.

The blade will be oily black … like obsidian when finished.

When the human return to Mithral Hall, the Goblin horde has been pushed back and the city is back in the hands of the dwarfs. They will be carried on shields together with the Prince Araman Bronzebeard to the kings hall. Where festivities are taking place.

With the recovery of the halls of mystery the kings sages will assist the characters to further decrypt the story of moradin. With some rolls they discover that Moradin travelled to the icy regions of the north, to the depths of the sea of fallen stars and to the scalding desert in the south. His faithful companions, an elven mage, Aurora Dawnsong and a human paladin, Uther.

Bulwark of Thoradin

The Characters have solved the conflict by exposing the changeling posing as Duke Hertwig. They discovered that the changeling is linked to the secret order (Crimson) and works for Malfurion.

The characters need to get to the Hall of Ancestors and recover the Bulwark of Thoradin and discover the secret of forging.

Mithral Hall was once the capital city of the Dwarven Empire, the volcanic labyrinth now serves as the seat of power for High Thane Bronzebeard. A large part of the city has been captured by the Goblin hordes. The High Thane and his followers have retreated to the last ring of defence. The Tomb of Thoradin is located in the Halls of Ancestors. This part of the city has been captured.

On the way to the mystic ward they sneak via maintenance tunnels, when suddenly Torin smells goblins, a patrol of goblins is scouting the tunnels. One of the spider riders will retreat to alert the rest. They must stop him. If they succeed they are able to sneak to the mystic ward, which seems oddly deserted …

The Hall of Mysteries is located in the Mystic Ward, from here you can access the Hall of Ancestors, a massive natural cavern complex. Located in the lower depths of the city. The area is a true marvel of organic stone formation. No dwarf has touched this area with pick or chisels. Mithril Hall’s heroes are buried in the Hall of Ancestors, and the old throne is here as well.

The Bulwark of Thoradin Anvilmar: RUNES

In the heart of the mountain
Six pure of heart went
Where ancient evil lingers
A legacy from former masters
To forge sparks of Moradin
On the ancient black anvil
Here, Three shining blades
Protectors of light
Forged by Strength,
Sacrifice and sanguine
only Three returned
ancient evil sealed
by the seat of power

The throne of the thane is a stone outcroping in the shape of a throne decoated with gold and mithril. If they melt the gold/mithril they will see a darkstone behind it and on it the same runes.

Heed this warning
Behind this seal
lies a passage to
darkest regions
where ancient evil
dwells and corrupts that
which is pure
Do not break this seal

In the middle of the throne is a special keyhole. To unlock it they need a special crystal key.

At that point … they hear: Looking for this? … Malfurion stands behind them, surrounded by a few cloaked figures and a group of hobgoblins and goblins.

I have to applaud your efforts, too bad it was all in vain. The king is dead and my army has captured the city and once I have the crown of titans, I will destroy the rest of this wretched race. Now lay down your weapons and I might even consider to let you live.

Malfurion will stop time, walk past them with a few of his minions … seconds later they are engaged in combat.

Behind the throne is a tunnel that ends in a huge underground cavern – at various points in the ceiling lava falls in streams to a huge lava lake below. It is very hot here and a red glow of the lava illuminates the cave. A walkway with chains leads to the opposite side… the chains run into the mouths of two gargoylike creatures. On the opposite side is heavy door that leads to room with stairs going down. The widows overlook the lava lake. Finally two set of heavy doors give entrance to the underground volcanic labyrinth.

Border Conflict

The eastern province of Mordheim, Eastmark.

Conflict between human and dwarfs: In the recent months Goblins have constantly raided the Dwarven holds. The Dwarfs have requested assistance from the human population, but these refused. The lands the humans lived on was owned by the dwarfs, and they leased it to the humans after their constant expansion to solve the previous conflicts. The last years the harvest has been very poor, but the dwarfs insisted on their lease… leading to hunger and in some cases starvation. The humans have a grudge against the dwarfs and now they want their help they refuse.

In response the dwarfs evacuated the humans from their lands, which result in a number of border skirmished. The dwarven than has send his youngest son (Araman Bronzebeard) to negotiate a treaty, backed up with a small dwarven army.

Mordheim has responded in kind and Elector Count Wolfram Hertwig raised its armies which are marching toward the dwarven border. Count of Eastmark is leading the human army.

The goblin assaults continue… putting pressure on the dwarfs. If the dwarven cities would be overrun, it is only a matter of time before the goblinoid horde will take to the land.


Day 1

As the characters get closer to Everpeak and Mithril Hall, they will see groups of human refugees moving south.

Before they reach Irondale downs an old dwarven village now a collection of hamlets populated by farmers they see people being evacuated from their house and land by dwarven militia.

Stone Guard (Lt) Orrin is the leader of the dwarven regiment. There is a small skirmish, the characters can try to interfere.

The dwarven army is stationed a few miles into the hills, they have setup a small fortification there. The leader of the army is Prince Thorin Bronzebeard. Youngest son of the High Thane Ragnor Bronzebeard.

Day 2

Count Wolfram Hertwig arrives with an army, they set up camp a few miles east of Irondale. The fields west of Irondale will be the battlefield.

Day 3

Count Hertwig and Prince Bronzebeard engage in diplomatic discussion, Hertwig demands the dwarfs to surrender the lands, and immediate retreat if not it will be considered an act of war and Mordheim will react in kind. Bronzebeard attempts to negotiate … but feels Hertwigs demands impossible and his honor demands to refuse. Hertwig will refuse to assist the dwarfs … in driving back the goblin horde.

Day 4

Assasination attempt on Bronzebeard, first clue of third party involvement. Assassin has special mark. If they investigate the tent of Hertwig they discover his body, they will need to alert his second in command (Commander Lothar) and try to convince them…

The high thane will give them an audience if they proved honorable to thorin or saved his life. He will tell them that part of his hold has been overrun, this includes, the hall of ancestors, where the sarcophagus of Arman Bronzebeard is located, the first to forge the starblade.

They will need to enter the dwarven hold and fight the goblin horde and get down to the ancestors hall, to recover the secret – the story of forging the blade…

To the Oracle


The Oracle of Mystryl is located near the village rivenwood, northeast of Silvershore. A good 3 days travelling with horses. As they get closer to Rivenwood they will see more and more Pilgrims. One of the groups has been attacked by orcs just a day ago .

The Oracle of Mystryl lays in the middle of a vast plain surrounded by the rolling hills. The Shrine itself is a large blue dome, the only opening in the dome are a set of gigantic doors, decorated with runes and a white marble mask. Massive stairs carved out of stone lead toward these doors. Along the path leading to the stairs are many stands and tents of soothsayers, fortune tellers, and merchants selling trinkets,charms and magical potions.

The Knights of Mystic Fire, a knightly order of spellswords, oversee the grounds surrounding the oracle, to maintain order and to see that none are prevented from seeing the oracle.

Surrounding the dome a thousands of tents, from people that have come from every corner of the world to consult the oracle waiting for the oracle to call them, some have been here for years.


The character want to know more about the Prophecy and about the marks.


Once they arrive and want to set-up their tents, they receive a telepathic message “Lord/Lady … I await for you”

The gates will open for the characters when they approach.

The inside of the doom is hallway that leads to a large open room, the doom is decorated with moons, stairs, and arcane symbols. A terraces provides an overview, in the middle of the room is a blue light The light speaks.

I have been waiting for you for many years … but it is my destiny …to wait, forever waiting, chained to the heart of the future, all-knowing but not able to act. Forever tormented.

I have seen your future and it intrigues me, few creatures have such a destiny … but I it too dangerous to reveal your this destiny to you.

Approach … you are in the most sacred of my being, you are submerged in the blue radiance of songs of destiny, here dies the hope of mankind, but it can also fill their heart with hope and joy.

A white flash follows and the oracle takes the shape of a woman with a blindfold and chained with heavy chains.

Ask you questions and they shall be answered !

This is the mark of Mystryl, she has merged a small part of her divine essence with your soul.

Mystryl has been defeated, and is too weak to handle herself, that is why she has merged part of herself with you. This is also the reason why you are receiving flashes of the future.

Centuries ago, after the fall of the Grey Elven empire, elf, dwarf and men have made a pack to end the beast wars. They would forge 3 mighty swords, the Dawnblades. Now the last of these blades has been lost and darkness returns to the lands.

These Dawnblades were powerful artifacts and with them dawned a new age of peace and prosperity for Elf, Dwarf and Men. Now in the darkest time of mankind you have to create a new dawnblade and return the light and unite the people of Eldara.

A Dawnblade is made from a star shard that is forged into a blade, a secret trusted to the dwarfs. You must seek out the forgemasters … Mystryl will guide you
go now time is of the essence our enemies grow stronger every day.

Escape from Avelorn

Escape from Avelorn

The characters just escaped from Avelorn were they are framed for the assassination of Aravae and they need to get to Rivenshire in Thilea to visit the Oracle of Mystryl.

They sail with their ship ’The Nightwind into open sea. Later that night a (magical)storm sets up, lightning strikes the ship, breaking the mast and wrecking the ship. The next morning they will drift into a small bay of a small rocky island, Port Azure, a haven of scum and villainy.

There is no real authority in Port Azure, apart from the Pirate Code, and it is enforced by Cap’n Drake Hidalgo, of the Maelstrom. There is a Tavern and Brothel on the island, The Dirty Vixen and The Hairy Monkey.


If they are able to escape from Port Azure, they can set sail for Silvershore, a former dwarven tradepost, now mostly populated by humans. In Silvershore they will be able to get horses to travel to the Rivenwood. In Silvershore they hear from Dwarven merchants that the roads are dangerous, Orc tribes regulary raid the lands.

The hero diaries

Story so far..


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